Effortlessly manage your business processes

The ERM Hub provides a comprehensive solution to help enterprises streamline their operations and achieve their goals efficiently. 

With over 50 business modules, customizable fields, and powerful reporting tools, the ERM Hub offers everything an enterprise needs to improve its processes and reach its goals.

ERM Hub Sales Management

The All-in-One Business Management Cloud platform

Transform your operations today with the ERM Hub.

ERM Hub Organization & Collaboration

Organization & Collaboration

Improve your business processes with an Enterprise Social Network, Activity Management, Document Organization, Report Management, and Indicator Monitoring.



Streamline your sales processes with Lead Management, Customer Account Tracking, Potential Management, Campaign Administration, Helpdesk, and Ticketing.

ERM Hub Sales Management

Sales Management

Boost your sales performance with Quotes and Offers Editing, Sales Administration, Invoice Management, Collection Management, and Performance Management.

ERM Hub Project Management

Project Management

Optimize your projects with Project Monitoring, Timesheet Tracking, Resource Management, Cost Management, and Financial Management.

ERM Hub Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Increase your efficiency with Product Administration, Inventory Tracking, Warehouse Management, Purchasing Management, and Supplier Management.

ERM Hub Production Management

Production Management

Manage your production cycle with Tracking of Production Orders, Product Administration, Inventory Management, Warehouse Organization, and Supply Tracking.

ERM Hub Property and Asset Management

Property and Asset Management

Simplify your asset management processes with Asset Lifecycle, Property Administration, Lease, Maintenance, and Contract Management.

ERM Hub Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards & Reports

Real-time visibility of your company's performance, personalized dashboards, and powerful reporting tools including SQL reports.


Engage your team with the ERM Hub

The ERM Hub is a user-friendly and flexible platform that provides teams with the tools they need to work together efficiently.

Get a tailored solution

Consolidate all relational data and improve team collaboration


ERM Hub can be customized to match the specific processes and needs of your organization, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Data Centralization

Centralize all relevant data for each process, making it easy for you to access and manage all of your organization's information in one place.


ERM Hub includes a collaboration hub for all of your organization's users, improving team collaboration and communication.

Reporting & Dashboarding

ERM Hub includes a powerful reporting and dashboarding tool that provides you with actionable insights into your data.

API Connectivity

ERM Hub has an extensive API that allows you to connect it to other platforms and tools, making it even more versatile and customizable.


ERM Hub is infinitely scalable, allowing you to implement new solutions for new business problems on a single platform.

See how the ERM Hub empowers businesses across industries

Perla Immobilier

Streamlining Sales Processes at Perla Immobilier

Perla Immobilier is a leading residential real estate developer based in Morocco, dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative housing solutions to its clients.,

Perla Immobilier was facing a challenge in managing its sales processes efficiently. With different teams using different tools and manual processes, the company was struggling to have a unified view of its sales data.

The ERM Hub provided Perla Immobilier with a centralized CRM module to manage its sales processes. The platform’s customizable interface allowed Perla Immobilier to adapt it to their specific needs and workflows. The reporting and dashboarding tools provided valuable insights into sales performance, enabling the company to make data-driven decisions.

Spark Ventures

Improving Collaboration at Spark Ventures

SparkVentures is a Switzerland-based investment fund that focuses on supporting innovative and sustainable businesses across various industries.

With multiple business units, the company was facing difficulties in managing inter-unit collaboration. The lack of a unified platform for communication and data sharing was hindering the efficiency of their processes.

The ERM Hub provided Spark Ventures with a centralized hub for all its users to collaborate and share data. The platform’s powerful API allowed Spark Ventures to integrate its existing tools and systems into the platform. The automated workflows and data management capabilities improved the efficiency of their processes and communication.

Optimizing Inventory Management at Leafly

Leafly Foods a UK-based company that specializes in producing and distributing high-quality organic vegetables was facing challenges in managing its inventory. The manual processes and lack of a centralized system were leading to inaccurate inventory data and inefficiencies.

The ERM Hub provided Leafly Foods with a centralized inventory management module. The platform’s customizable interface allowed Leafly Foods to adapt it to its specific needs and processes. The automated workflows and data management capabilities improved the accuracy of their inventory data and increased the efficiency of their processes.

Enterprise management made simple

The ERM Hub offers a comprehensive solution.
It unifies your systems, simplifies your workflows, and helps you meet customer expectations. It also secures your business know-how and safeguards your operations.

By implementing our user-friendly platform, you’ll experience streamlined processes from day one. You’ll have the ability to grow your business with reliable processes that maximize efficiency.

Start achieving your goals with confidence!

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ERM Hub in Action

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There is a plan
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$ 39
per user/mo
  • Over 50 business modules
  • Custom fields
  • Profile and role-based security
  • Workflow automation
  • Secured sandboxed hosting
  • Technical support by chat, phone, and email
  • A service level agreement guaranteeing 99.9% uptime


$ 59
per user/mo
  • All features from Business Edition
  • Customizable inter-module relationships
  • MS Office document merge
  • Fields customization
  • Extensive API
  • Automated email reception
  • PDF template editor
  • Email template editor

XDC Enterprise

$ 99
per user/mo
  • All features from Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited workflows
  • History import
  • Visual Workflow Designer
  • Powerful reporting tools including SQL reports
  • Advanced security administration
  • Audit logs
  • Automated backups via FTP