Business Process 212

Business Process 212 (BP212.COM) is an IT services company. Our main activity is the development of solutions, research, analysis, engineering, automation, training, and support in transforming management processes in public and private organizations.

Why choose Business Process 212?

We help your business to grow and improve its performance: -By advising and assisting you in updating your organizational requirements, and integrating a tool that unites the women and men who make your company; -We assist and advise you in upgrading and enhancing your processes by:
  • basing them on best practices;
  • materializing them through simple and understandable diagrams;
  • automating them as much as possible for more efficiency.
-We provide assistance and advice to help you improve and enhance the skills and value of your employees by :
  • federating them around projects made for them;
  • training them and making them aware of their roles in the procedures;
  • giving value and visibility to their work through our tools;
-We assist and advise you in improving and enhancing the prospects of your company by :
  • securing its data and knowledge;
  • giving it a relevant command center;
  • allowing it to scale and adapt quickly.

Our expertise :

Business Process 212 is specialized in the implementation and optimization of management solutions. At Business Process 212 we know how to: review your management procedures; deploy viable solutions; build awareness and train your employees for greater effectiveness and efficiency. It is in this perspective that we strive to offer viable solutions for our customers, and not just simple IT projects as it is done elsewhere. We develop for them innovative and adapted methodologies of support for safe and sustainable development; because we are aware that the implementation of a management solution is an operation that does not only consist in installing software but in reorienting the organization of the whole company toward truly profitable practices. This requires the consideration of a necessary project of change management. We have developed a project management methodology that involves the people who will be affected by these organizational changes. We integrate the culture, habits, and social norms of your organization in the development of plans for the deployment of solutions that will be effective in practice.  

The Two One Two methodology

The TwoOneTwo methodology of Business Process 212 is an exclusive methodology, developed to optimize the management cycle of customer projects. This methodology significantly reduces deployment time while ensuring the successful adoption of such projects. It is based on the duo (Two) process modeling and integration upstream, and (Two) training and optimization downstream of the deployment of the unified (One) IT project. This methodology reduces the time required to deploy an integrated information system by 30% to 50%, compared to the traditional methodologies used by IT services companies.  

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide our expertise and know-how and to ensure that our clients receive sustainable and long-lasting solutions to enhance and scale their organizations. We aspire to become the best ally of our clients. We extend our collaboration by providing long-lasting follow-up and support.

Our vision:

Our vision is to implement innovative projects that propel organizations towards higher levels of performance, streamlining, and optimization of their management by involving all employees who are impacted by these projects.

Our values:

Our values are based on :
  • expertise,
  • innovation,
  • rigor

Our resources:

Our resources consist mainly of :
  • A leadership with a great experience in the management of projects of modernization and development of enterprises;
  • a multidisciplinary and highly competent team;
  • We offer a network of consultants with great availability for our clients;
  • highly efficient state-of-the-art tools;
  • and a lot of sectorial expertise concentrated in our procedure manuals.