Enable customers to self-serve

Customers want to be able to handle tasks on their own without having to wait for support from a customer care representative. By providing a self-service portal that is intuitive and user-friendly, businesses can enable customers to self-serve, which can reduce the workload of the customer care team and improve efficiency.

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Transform your support team's efficiency

Empower your team to handle complex issues, optimize operations, and improve the quality of service with our comprehensive analytics and reporting

Convenient Account Management

Customers can easily view and update their account information, track their orders, and manage their subscriptions on their own, without having to wait for customer support representatives.

Quick Request Processing

Customers can easily request returns or refunds for products or services and receive timely updates on the status of their requests.

Streamlined Support Ticket Management

Customers can check the status of support tickets or customer service inquiries, and access the information they need to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Easy Access to Information

Customers can search the knowledge base or FAQ section to find answers to common questions and access relevant information, which can save time and effort.

Hassle-free Payment Management

Customers can view and download invoices and payment history, update payment methods, or set up automatic billing, which can make payment management more efficient.

Prompt Assistance

Customers can chat with a customer support representative or automated chatbot for assistance with issues or questions, which can provide quick and efficient resolution.

Make your customers happy with a one-stop-shop for support

With Personalized Support, Multi-Language Options, and AI-Enhanced Chatbots, ERM Customer Portal Makes Customer Support Easy and Convenient

ERM BI Customizable

User-Friendly Interface

Provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, search, and use.

Ticket Management

Enables businesses to manage customer support tickets efficiently, including ticket creation, tracking, and escalation.

Customizable Design

Allows businesses to customize the design and branding of the portal to align with their brand identity.

Mobile App Support

Provides support for mobile devices, allowing customers to access the self-service portal on the go.

Chat Support

The tool would support voice and chat options to provide customers with additional ways to interact with the business.

Analytics and Reporting

Provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to help businesses track performance metrics and identify areas for improvement.

ERM Customer Portal Resolve issues

Provide personalized and targeted information

Customers want to be able to find information that is relevant to their specific needs and interests. By providing a self-service portal that offers personalized and targeted information, businesses can increase customer engagement and satisfaction by delivering a more personalized experience.

Loved by support managers, relief for your support agents

Empower your support team with a comprehensive self-service solution, reduce workload, and improve agent productivity

Enhanced Portal Performance Monitoring

Keep track of your self-service portal performance, including customer inquiries, issue types, and feedback, to identify areas for improvement and increase customer satisfaction.

Improved Data Analysis

Analyze data from your self-service portal to identify trends and opportunities for automation, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings for your business.

Efficient Knowledge Base Management

Manage your knowledge base and FAQ sections with ease to provide your customers with accurate and relevant information, leading to a high-quality self-service experience.

Enhanced Agent Training and Support

Provide your agents with the necessary training and support to assist customers and resolve issues efficiently, resulting in improved agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Improved Workload Management

Identify opportunities to reduce the workload of your customer care team by automating common tasks or providing customers with self-service options, leading to reduced support costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Increased Customer Adoption

Develop and implement strategies to promote your self-service portal to customers and encourage adoption, resulting in reduced support costs, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience.

Improve the customer experience

Customers want to have a positive experience when interacting with a business. By providing a self-service portal that is easy to use, fast, and reliable, businesses can improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Drive business growth with improved customer experience

Make strategic decisions with data-driven insights and boost your bottom line with ERM Customer Portal's comprehensive self-service solution

Comprehensive Performance Reporting

Get regular, actionable reports on your self-service portal's performance, customer satisfaction ratings, and more. Use the insights provided by ERM's reporting to optimize the customer experience and make informed business decisions.

Customer Insights

Gain valuable customer insights with ERM's monitoring of trends in customer behavior and needs. Use the insights provided to identify new business opportunities and better understand your customer journey.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Increase customer engagement and loyalty with ERM's development and implementation of effective marketing strategies. Promote your self-service portal to customers and encourage adoption.

Brand Identity Alignment

Ensure a consistent brand image and improve brand recognition with ERM's alignment of your self-service portal with your company's brand identity and messaging.

Efficient Integration

Improve operational efficiency and provide a seamless customer experience with ERM's collaboration with other departments. Ensure that your self-service portal is integrated with other systems and applications to create an efficient and seamless customer experience.

Industry Best Practices

Stay ahead of the competition with ERM's up-to-date industry knowledge and best practices. Maintain a competitive edge and drive business growth with ERM's innovative solutions.

Discover how we help businesses in diverse sectors care about their customers

Streamlining Customer Support

MapleLeaf Digital is a leading digital marketing agency based in Canada, specializing in providing innovative and effective digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

MapleLeaf Digital was facing a challenge in managing its customer support requests effectively. They received a high volume of requests daily, leading to longer wait times for customers and delays in resolving issues. Their existing support system lacked the necessary features and tools to provide efficient and timely support to their customers.

ERM Solutions for Customer self-service portal enabled MapleLeaf Digital to improve their customer support services by providing a user-friendly self-service portal. Customers could easily find answers to their questions, track their orders, and initiate returns or refunds without the need to wait for a support representative. The personalized support experience, including chatbots and AI-powered recommendations, enhanced the customer experience and increased satisfaction.


Enhancing Customer Experience

FlowTech is a leading plumbing, heating, and cooling company based in the USA, renowned for its exceptional air conditioning services.

FlowTech faced a challenge in providing exceptional customer service, which is a crucial factor in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry. Their customers needed quick and efficient services, especially in emergencies, but their support system did not meet their expectations. Long wait times on the phone and delayed responses to emails resulted in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers.

ERM Solutions for Customer self-service portal enabled FlowTech to offer a personalized support experience to their customers. Customers could easily access information about their orders, schedule appointments, and request support without the need for a support representative. The AI-powered recommendation engine suggested relevant solutions, increasing the chances of first-call resolution and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Barid cash

Simplifying Financial Transactions

Barid Cash is a leading financial services company based in Morocco that offers a comprehensive range of services, such as money transfers, bill payments, and other financial transactions, to its customers.

Barid Cash faced a challenge in providing seamless financial transaction services to its customers. Their customers needed a platform that was easy to use, secure and provided quick access to their financial information. Their existing support system did not meet these expectations, leading to customer dissatisfaction and lower retention rates.

ERM Solutions for Customer self-service portal enabled Barid Cash to offer a user-friendly self-service portal to its customers, making it easy to access their financial information, initiate transactions, and resolve issues without the need for a support representative. The portal’s personalized support experience, including chatbots and AI-powered recommendations, increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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